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Adult Education - Educational Scholarships for Adults

Adult Education - Educational Scholarships for Adults

Adult Education - Educational Scholarships for AdultsAdult Education - Educational Scholarships for Adults

About Us

The Jessamine Smith Henderson Memorial Adult Education Scholarship Fund

A unique educational opportunity begun in 1986 Learning is Lifelong...What We Do

 The scholarship fund that bears the name of Jessamine S. Henderson was founded in August 1986, shortly after her death, to honor the work of Mrs. Henderson in adult education and to carry it on by bringing opportunities to persons who want to further themselves. 

Friends of Mrs. Henderson came together to contribute time and resources to launch the scholarship fund. 

The mission of the Fund is to award monies to financially challenged adults who are serious about pursuing career-related

 programs of study.

In its 30 year history, the Fund has proven itself to be a modest but worthy undertaking that is alive, open to growth, and aspiring, like its recipients, to an even greater future. 

It has evolved much like the very person for whom it is named, for Jessamine S. Henderson was unassuming but 

always worthy and open to new learning and self-growth. 

Members of the Board of Trustees have included former Somerville and Bridgewater Council members, education administrators, college professors, a social work professional, teachers, scientists, attorneys, engineers, and a former J.S. Henderson Scholarship recipient.

The Fund has been sustained by donations from a number of sources. Area corporations, such as National Starch and Chemical Company, Johnson & Johnson and PSE&G are major contributors. Civic organizations and dedicated individuals further bolster 

the Fund’s resources. 

Any contributions by community residents or organizations would also be gratefully appreciated.

This scholarship helps to provide continuing education for adults.

The J.S. Henderson Scholarship Fund is a non-profit, charitable organization and has been designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization for taxation purposes. 

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