J.S. Henderson Scholarship Policy Statement

 All applicants for the J.S. Henderson Scholarship shall have already applied to or shall be in the process of applying to the program/institution of their choice for which they are seeking financial assistance. Before the date of the Annual Awards Dinner, J.S. Henderson Scholarship recipients shall have obtained official acceptance into the program/institution of their choice and shall provide official written documentation to the Board of Trustees certifying acceptance. The Awards Dinner is the second Thursday in June. (6/8/2017)

Further, all J.S. Henderson Scholarship recipients are obliged to use their award no later than 180 days after the Award Dinner.

Subject to this policy, the J.S. Henderson Scholarship Fund will make payments to designated programs/institutions and/or their related agencies (e.g., institutional bookstores or any other institutional affiliations deemed appropriate by the Board of Trustees).

Under no circumstances will scholarship awards be paid to the individual recipients. Awards are paid directly to the educational institutions the recipients are attending. Applicants who move from either Somerset or Hunterdon County, New Jersey must forfeit their scholarship award.

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