Past Recipients

Who are the J.S. Henderson Scholarship Recipients?

Recipients of J.S. Henderson Scholarships are adult men and women, 21 years or older, pursuing courses of study in a variety of fields. Though their areas of vocational interest can and do differ, all recipients possess the common qualities of commitment and perseverance.

The Fund has awarded more than 55 scholarships during the past 25 years. Eight J.S. Henderson Scholarship recipients re-applied and obtained awards for more than one year of study.

Recipients have pursued education and training in such fields as nursing, electronics, engineering, criminal justice, education, business, art, computer science, child care, physical therapy, construction management and optometry. A partial list of the institutions at which recipients have used their J.S. Henderson Scholarships is provided below:

With the help of the J.S. Henderson Scholarship Fund, recipients have become registered and licensed practical nurses, corporate engineers, artists, teachers, physical therapists, and other professionals in the working world. The Board invites eligible persons with clear educational goals and dedication toward the hard work of achieving them to apply for a J.S. Henderson Scholarship.

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